Tourist Information Pringle Bay

We have a selection of flyers and we are a sub division of the Tourist Information Bureau in Kleinmond.
The Cape Whale Coast Route
This gives travellers a massive amount of options when it comes to exploring the Western Cape beyond Cape Town. There is far more to this route than just whales, with enough variety to keep families occupied for a week or two at least.
The road trip from Pringle Bay along the coast toward the other towns on the Cape Whale Route is a peaceful experience, with the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and mountainous, fynbos terrain on the other. Travelers will pass through several quaint villages in between the more established towns.
Adventure activity options along the route include hiking, shark cage-diving, sea kayaking, quad biking, para-sailing, horse riding and, of course, whale-watching boat tours.
Buffels River Mouth
Swimming in the Buffels river mouth is warm and safe, kids can swim, run, play games and build sand castles at the Buffel’s River Mouth.
Older kids preferring the more robust boarding in the waves of false bay
Life savers are on duty during the holiday season.
There are abundant swimming, surfing and WATER SPORTS activities at Pringle Bay, during the weekend you will see many divers, rubber ducks and kayaks in the bay catching their quota of crayfish in one of the great diving spots for this activity.
The safe BOAT LAUNCHING facility is 6 kilometers away at Maasbaai and fishing trips can be arranged for visitors.
CANOING at Palmiet river is graded moderate to challenging and winter is white water season.
There are 4 recognized trails in the Kogelberg area: 
23km; 8-9 hours long, is a circular route taking you through the heart of the reserve. Palmiet River Walk, 9km; 3-4 hours, hugs the river and is graded easy. Palmiet Valley Trail, 18km; 6-7 hours, is also along the river, but goes deeper into the reserve to the Stokoe Bridge. The Oudebosch to Leopard’s Gorge hike is 6km and takes one through an indigenous forest from the Oudebosch offices to the top of the mountain and down into the Harold Porter Gardens in Betty’s Bay.
1.5 hours Brodie Link is in one of the most beautiful fynbos areas and is easily accessible.The start is approximately halfway along the old jeep track that runs from the Eastern end of Caesar Road to the R44. Cars can be left at either end of the jeep track. The track winds its way up the hill and not long after you reach the top, it meets another trail at a T-junction. The right hand fork takes you up a short but fairly steep section to two view sites. The left fork at the T-junction follows down towards Betty’s Bay with lovely views across the bay to Hermanus. The trail curves to the right and returns to the original trail just below the two view sites.
from Pringle Bay to Rooi Els (Easy) 1 hour each way, there are locked gates at both ends with pedestrian access at each as the land on both sides of the road is privately owned. The easiest approach is the gate just off the R44 (Clarence Drive) just before the Pringle Bay turn off.
1 to 2 hours, This is one of the two trails starting either side of Maasbaai slipway which is along the gravel Hangklip Road. Start from the beach immediately to the right of the slipway; walk west round the coast and the lighthouse. After passing the lighthouse you will come to two very beautiful beaches, the first being Kleinbaai and the second, which has a couple of houses built close to the beach, is Grootbaai or Moonlight Bay. The trail ends here and the return can be via a shortcut through the dunes halfway along the beach.
The MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL trail through the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is a total distance of 36 km, and is highly recommended for fit nature lovers with lots of endurance.
For SAND-BOARDING go to the Pringle Bay side of Betty’s Bay.Master the basics of sandboarding on the Blesberg Dunes of Bettys Bay. This exhilarating adventure activity is easy to learn and provides a fun introduction to snowboarding and other board sports. Purchase a permit and hire boards at Jackazz Eco-Adventures at Bettys Bay Village Centre