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Rusk (beskuit)

-Mix the dry and wet ingredients together.  The dough is quite a stiff dough, do not be concerned.


-Once mixed, put dough in a well greased pan.  Press dough down and flatten on top. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 60 min.  Turn the heat down in the last 15 min to 150°C.


-Remove pan from oven and let cool down well before turning the baked rusks out as it does break very easily!


-Let it cool down completely before cutting. Cut in pieces (2cm) and place in shallow oven pan


-Dry for 10 – 12 hours (overnight) at 100°C. The oven should not be warmer as the rusks will burn if the heat is higher.


-Once fully dried, remove from oven, let it cool down and store in an air tight container.


-Eat and enjoy!



1 kg self raising flour

20 ml baking powder

5 ml salt

2 packets of vanilla sugar

3 cups All Bran Flakes

2 cups bran

1 cup raisins-mixed fruit-dried cranberries

1 cup nuts (roasted+chopped) or ½ cup sunflower seeds

500 gm butter

500 ml buttermilk

2 eggs

1 cup brown sugar





- Mix flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla sugar, All Bran, bran, dried fruit and seeds/nuts in a bowl mixing bowl. Do not add the sugar to the dry mix



-Melt butter, add eggs, buttermilk and brown sugar and beat well.


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